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    Back to the land rhetoric

    Refer to our textbook, Farm: A Multi-Modal Reader, pp 324-5, and decide if the rhetoric surrounding back-to-the-land movements are romanticizing the farm based on your readings this week. Choose a bullet point from page 324 of the textbook Connect that bulleted idea to one of the assigned readings or another you have explored Discuss how the text or the visual rhetoric has romanticized (glamorized, idealized, sentimentalized) the farm These movements are referred to with the terms “back to” and “return to”; reference an earlier era they are romanticizing and decide if this movement will be successful based on what you have learned. AS ALWAYS Your first original post should be submitted before 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Your response to classmates’ posts should be completed before 10:00 p.m. on Sunday. Grading: Grading will be based on the same rubric as posts on your blog. You should develop original, complex ideas that go beyond surface reading (we’ve all read the same thing, so a simple review is not what I’m looking for). Introduce fresh material, This may require additional research. Each post should be written as a complete thought. Identify your topic Narrow the topic by telling your audience your point of view on a specific point Show your audience what you mean by offering evidence Conclude A good test of whether or not it is a complete thought is if you can remove it from the discussion and have it still make sense Responses to classmates’ posts should always have a “because” clause Use appropriate netiquette. Nobody should feel attacked Link Discussion Rubric Participation – original post 3 Research – introduces fresh material 3 Discussion – responds to at least one classmate’s post 2 Writing Mechanics – free of errors 2 Submission: Typing on the discussion board automatically shows up as your submission, so additional submission is not required.
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