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    Balancing between right of privacy and freedom of expression

    The question is (When considering the actions of the press, do you think the law of the United Kingdom provides the right balance between privacy and freedom of expression? Illustrate your answer with examples from case law)
    my comment are:
    *I would like to say that I have read a lot about my topic but I am facing difficulty with putting my ideas on paper. I will leave you free to design the paper according the requirements of the question, but with all respect to you I would suggest to:
    *use simple and clear language
    * In introduction I would like to see thesis statement, what are going to discus in essay and what is not.
    * make critical thinking and logical argument lead to rational conclusion.
    * illustrate the situation of freedom of expression and privacy in English law before European Human Right Convention 1952, then after HRA 1998, then the period between 1998 – October 2000 where the law get in force, concentrating the study on the currently situation. So we will need the cases where the right of privacy is not existed in UK jurisprudent, whereas the right of expression was essential and significant. On the other hand may we need to test the influence of EHRC in this issue and an argument about the existence even position of privacy right in English law.
    *I think it is worth to demonstrate the relationship between rights of privacy with:
    -law of breach confident.
    -protection of freedom Act 2012
    -defamation Act 2013
    -Data protection Act
    -Harassment Act 1997
    – Committee in Super Injunction
    -Press Complaint Committee ( Code of Practice )
    -Law of trespass and libel
    All these and others in context of strike balance between privacy and freedom of expression.
    *May you agree that Dayana case shows the need for privacy since no enforceable law was exist, but Naomi Camblle case very good and key example to illustrate the Uk approach in balancing those two rights.
    *I am sure that you going to use a lot of cases to support the point you make. There are a lot of related cases her
    – Von Hannover V Germany
    -Doglas v Hello
    -Peck v. UK
    -Wainwright v home office
    – In re S [2003] 3WLR 1425, 1451-1452 at paras 54 to 60
    – Murray v. Big picture UK ltd
    – Max Mosley v. Nwes Group Newspaper limited
    – Mc Kennit v Ash
    -Google Earth v Switzerland
    -R v Secretary of state for home Department – Reyolds v Times Newspaper (those two between 1998-2000)
    – R v Shyler
    -Laporte case
    -Venables v News Group Newspaper
    – [2004] UKHL 47, [2005]1AC 593
    -Night Jack case
    – A v B plc [2003] QB 195, 207 paras 11 (ix)and (x)
    – Attorney General v Guardian Newspaper
    -Hosking v Runting
    From my research i found these cases related I put it here just as an examples.
    *I would like you please to focus on ( Dr Paul Bernal from UEA university) opinions in his book about privacy, academic articles, or blog .
    * when you reference any information from anywhere make it easy to me to access, namely by mentioned the page or paragraph if it was from book or an article.
    *As resources please use academic, official, and trusted websites, cases, and blogs, more than book which I prefer you to don’t use more than 3.
    * divide the resources in reference list ( books, websites,…ect)

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