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    What is the domain and range of y = 3x – 5?

    Domain is all real numbers.
    Range is all real numbers.
    The domain is all the possible x values that are allowed.
    The range is all the possible y values that are allowed.
    Since this is a linear function its graph is a straight line stretching from – infinity to infinity on both x and y axes hence domain and range is all real numbers from – infinity to infinity.
    This particular linear function (of form y = mx + c) has gradient m = 3 so slopes up to the right and y-intercept c = – 5 an hence x-intercept 5/3.
    The graph is sketched below and clearly extends indefinitely in terms of range and domain.
    graph{3x-5 [-9.71 10.29 -5.92 4.08]}

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